I’ve had a great experience with Sam. Good availability, a treatment that’s made a difference and useful tips for after the treatment.

Gerry Pearson

Can’t speak highly enough of Sam, would highly recommend , to get you back on track…

Craig Kennedy

Very good, focus on long term recovery and getting to the real cause of the problem not just dealing with the symptoms.

Lizzie Grayshon

Excellent and professional service in a great location

Paul Whitelock

I’ve been a client of Sam’s for over a month. I suffer from chronic migraine (over 15 days of migraine a month, lucky me!), and when I first got in touch with Sam I’d had a migraine every day for two months straight. I liked Sam immediately – she really does know her stuff – and after seeing Sam once a week for month my migraines reduced in frequency (from 30 a month to 12 a month) and also intensity. I’ve spent years seeing neurologists, have tried lots of preventative and abortive medications, and have seen lots of alternative therapists too (ranging from acupuncturists to cranial osteopaths) – none has had such a positive impact on my migraines and body as a whole as the work Sam has done. From the first session, I had with Sam I saw a marked improvement in my migraines, and have continued to do so. Sam has an amazing ability to explain the complicated-muscle stuff in layman’s terms so I understand why she’s doing what she’s doing, and I’m always impressed at her professionalism and down-to-earth approach. Would highly recommend her to anyone (not just people who have migraines!) who needs progressive physiotherapy treatment.

I Fox

Would highly recommend Sam, my shoulder issues were completely resolved within just two sessions, incredibly knowledgeable and professional.

H Rose

Sam was utterly professional and wonderful to have as a physio. She reassured me constantly and not only left me feeling physically better, but encouraged me to stick at the training and gave me faith that I could finish the half marathon – which I did. Sam’s hard work paid off and I was left injury free after a gruelling 13 miles. I would recommend Sam to anyone.

A Burt

I have had various treatments over many years with frustratingly limited results. The results with Sam are progressing incredibly well! She is highly professional and friendly. Everything is explained clearly with an approach that looks at the whole body, rather than focusing on the area of pain. I would recommend anyone to try this approach.

C Spencer

I started physio with Sam after an injury to my lower back. She is lovely and very knowledgeable. Being somebody in a similar field, it’s always fun to ask her questions about the anatomy of the human body that we’re working on and it’s amazing how much she knows! I come out of every session with more knowledge which is a bonus!

Working with her to get past this injury so far has been a pleasure. She is very empathetic and willing to listen to your concerns. She is very organized and each session gives me an outline of what we are planning to achieve and work on – sort of like a game plan.

Progress feels great! Highly recommend Sam!

Kavi R

Sam’s number is well worth knowing for anyone that’s looking for professional friendly and v.v.good
Thanks and I’m a convert!

Paul Butler