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Salisbury Physiotherapy Alternative – An Innovative Approach To Injury Treatment That Just Works

Picked up an injury? Suffering with Pain that doesn’t let up? You may not even know what you’ve done but something just doesn’t feel right!

Well, the good news is, you have come to the right place. Whatever it is, we can help. Welcome to Salisbury Sports Therapy.

We’re not physiotherapists and proud of that fact. But we can help with any condition that you think physiotherapy might help with. We specialise in the area of physiotherapy known as musculoskeletal. More simply muscles and bones. Which pretty much covers everything that can cause pain. We go beyond the traditional Physiotherapy Techniques to look at the whole body for the cause of your pain and discomfort. Not simply just the symptom. Giving you a quicker acting, longer lasting solution to your pain that doesn’t rely solely on you doing countless exercises and wondering why you’re doing them. We’ve already helped many of the good people of Salisbury. Why not join them? Many have been kind enough to leave us testimonials. You can read what they have to say HERE, if you like.

Your injury is as unique as you are, and it is our mission to pinpoint its cause and to provide the most effective treatment possible to improve the quality of your life as quickly as we can – getting you on the right path to long-term recovery.

Our clients soon start to appreciate that this new progressive approach can be even more effective and immediately beneficial than traditional physiotherapy. We combine some of the most pioneering teachings from doctors, physiotherapists and osteopathic professionals from around the world to bring together a holistic, scientific, progressive and proven approach. We have more information on Our Approach HERE.

So, what’s up? Get in touch today so we can start to make you feel better.