Pioneering Approach To Easing Your Pain And Helping You Feel Good

At Salisbury Sports Therapy we have a truly innovative philosophy and we are genuinely passionate about bringing the most effective treatment possible to our clients.

Our approach is unique as it brings together a number of pioneering physiotherapy, sports therapy and osteopathy techniques, making us a little different to your traditional physiotherapy or sports massage clinic.

Muscle Activation

salisbury sports massage approach

Muscle Activation forms the basis of our approach. Developed by world-renowned Physiotherapist Doug Heel, these techniques, properly applied, will restore your body to its functional best.

This innovative treatment gets to the route cause of your pain and movement issues, allowing you to enjoy pain relief and greater freedom of movement. Muscle Activation is radically changing the way Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Sports Therapists and other body workers view and treat their clients.

Less pain – greater muscle efficiency

Muscle Activation Progressive-Sports-Therapy-SalisburyOur premise is simple: The whole of your body is connected, so an injury or tension in one area will have repercussions on another. When we correct these movement patterns with our techniques, the muscles can once again operate at their optimal length. This means you feel less pain and your muscles become more efficient and stronger, easing the pressure on your joints. Muscle Activation works on the specific connections and relationships between your muscles, tendons, joints, nerves and connective tissue throughout your body.

Restore your body

By focusing not just on the symptoms but also the route cause of your pain our therapists can reactivate the compromised muscles and restore your body to its natural, optimal alignment. Allowing you to feel your pain reducing immediately and feel more healthy and energized in a matter of minutes.

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