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We improve sports performance with the PNOÉ GOLD standard method of breath-by-breath metabolic testing, utilised by all elite athletes around the world.

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At Salisbury Sports Therapy & Performance we specialise in all thing’s sports performance, giving our athletes the opportunity to identify their limitations that hold them back from achieving their full performance potential. Human performance analysis has become an essential part of athletic development and not only allows you to determine your current physiological performance level, but also allows for the develop of the most effective training programmes possible.

At Salisbury Sports Therapy and Performance, we repeatedly demonstrate the best way to achieve your sports performance goals are through an evidence-based approach using the GOLD standard method of breath-by-breath metabolic testing, utilised by all elite athletes around the world.

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Human performance analysis provides us with the raw data required to create a physiological profile of your current athletic ability which we then use in three specific ways to obtain the best results.

1. Monitoring progress

Human performance analysis is a scientific approach to monitoring your performance levels. It allows us to highlight your strengths and weaknesses and improvements over time. We strongly recommend that ‘baseline’ testing should be performed at the initial stages of your training period, thus providing a comparison point for further testing as your training progresses and your performance levels improve.

2. Goal Setting

Ultimately you want to improve your performance! We know that creating specific and measurable goals is vital for improving sports performance. Your performance analysis results provide the data to measure the progress and achievement of your goals.

3. Effective programme design

The data collected from your performance analysis is used by us to create a bespoke training programme. Your data is used to create your training zones which reflect training at a target heart rates or power outputs. This evidence-based approach is designed to get optimum improvements in your performance.

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