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Looking For Physio in Salisbury? Our progressive treatment is like Physiotherapy but so much more…

Welcome to Salisbury Sports Therapy, our third and newest Sports Therapy clinic. Slightly different to your traditional physio, our Sports Therapy provides a more progressive approach to physiotherapy techniques that has already helped our many clients in Brighton and Swindon to feel better. Have a look at their testimonials, if you like.

We don’t just treat sports injuries. A lot of our clients aren’t sporty at all. Some don’t even know how they got injured but they come to us because they know something’s not right. When it hurts to do something or you don’t have the freedom of movement you used to enjoy, there’s always a cause, even if you don’t know what it is. And that’s where our progressive physiotherapy and sports therapy techniques come into their own.

Physiotherapy Salisbury Back Pain

Our clients soon start to appreciate that this new Sports Therapy can be even more effective and immediately  beneficial than traditional physiotherapy. It combines some of the most pioneering teachings from doctors, physiotherapists and osteopathic professionals from around the world. It is holistic, scientific, progressive and proven. Your injury is unique and it is our mission to pinpoint its cause and to provide the most effective treatment possible to improve the quality of your life as quickly as we can and to get you on the right path to long term recovery. In fact, we can often make you feel better than you have done for years!

So, what’s the problem? Get in touch today so we can start to make you feel better.