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Sports Massage Salisbury Volleyballer

Sports Massage Salisbury Sports Therapy

Sports Massage Salisbury – Progressive Treatment To Remove Pain

Progressive Sports Massage and Sports Therapy

Here at Salisbury Sports Therapy, we provide a specialist and progressive form of Sports Massage to ease you injury. We’re confident you’ll find it to be more effective than traditional Sports Massage or a host of other therapies. Our unique Sports Therapy combines proven, progressive techniques which help us to more accurately identify and treat those muscles which are causing you problems. We then use highly effective Muscle Activation techniques, which will restore your muscles to their optimum state, giving you a freedom of movement, and strength that you may not have enjoyed for some time!

sports massage salisbury handsThese advanced Sports Massage techniques, as part of our progressive Sports Therapy are effective in treating all kinds of problems including arthritis, ankle instability, long-standing knee pain, hip conditions, limitations in shoulder range of motion, stiff neck, lower back pain as well as any sporting issues you may be having. The science behind our approach is simple: your muscles determine how you hold yourself and how you move. Our progressive Sports Therapy releases those tight and dysfunctional muscles so you hold yourself as you’re supposed to, allowing your body to feel better and your strength and fluidity restored and simply feeling less pain!

The benefits of our Sports Massage

Salisbury Sports Therapy aims to provide you with benefits beyond that of a normal Sports Massage. In fact, we think you’ll be surprised how quickly we can pinpoint and alleviate your trouble spots so your muscle strength can be markedly improved in a single session. Movement you find painful and restricted just now could once again become effortless.

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